Face Recognition System

Facelogic is a biometric attendance system used for person identification using face id.

No Fingerprint Attendance, No Iris Scan. Artificial Intelligence Support.

Face Recognition Contactless Attendance System

Face Recognition for Fast & Smooth Access Control

Innovative & New Age Attendance System

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Easy Installation & Setup

Can be setup with existing infrastructure

Face recognition system uses face of a person to detect and mark attendance. This is an innovative way to mark attendance of a person using his biometric face features. In an organisation, attendance is a crucial metric to maintain regularity of business. In most businesses, the payroll of  a person is linked to attendance.

In recent times, many businesses used fingerprint based systems for tracking time attendance. In some organisations, RFID is used. However, these systems are not foolproof. Also, with the rise of COVID or the Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, it is harmful to use such systems. Touching a machine by multiple people may lead to infections. In Fingerprint based systems or any other touch based systems, there is always possibility of coronavirus or covid-19 infection. automatic attendance system uses a unique face id to identify a person. With Facelogic, these threats are reduced. As you do not need to touch the machine. All your employees have to do is stand in front of the device with a distance of 3-5 feet and their attendance is marked by the system.

100% privacy
With our innovative solution, you need not worry about the security of captured data. Your data remains in your premises and hence there is no possibility of data breach. Thus providing you 100% privacy for your data.

How this works ?
Facelogic is a real time face recognition system which uses video face recognition or live face recognition for people recognition. We install a device at your premise. Preferably at an entry point. When staff enters the campus, the device recognises pre-stored face and marks his/ her attendance.

This is basically a smart attendance system using face recognition. facial biometrics of a person are similar to fingerprint biometrics and can be used to identify or recognise unique person face. It is automatic facial recognition system and requires no special action from the user. The user just needs to stand in front of device for a couple of seconds.

Where can this be installed ?
Facelogic can be installed in organisations where employee attendance is crucial. Organisations who wish to take utmost care of employees and avoid COVID infections. In offices or workplaces automatic attendance using face recognition is very useful. This system can be used for quick check-in or check-out. Facial recognition has following applications:

Facial recognition in healthcare
Facial recognition in schools
Facial recognition in colleges
Facial recognition in offices
Facial recognition in co-working
Facial recognition in factory or shop floor
Facial recognition in retail stores

Apart from these organisations, Facelogic can be installed at locations with heavy public usage like Airports, Railways, Government Offices, Halls, Banquets, Meeting or Conference Locations etc.

Facial recognition system cost is similar to the fingerprint systems. Face recognition attendance system price is between. For pricing of Facelogic, you can contact us on contact details given below. Our team will install at your location and you can start using the system next day.

Facial recognition attendance system India
Facial recognition attendance system Pune
Facial recognition attendance system Dealer
Facial recognition attendance system Dealer in Pune

Facelogic can install face recognition system for you in your office or any workplace. This system can also be used as a  facial recognition door access or door lock system. Facelogic uses ai face recognition.

Biometric facial recognition is must after the COVID-19 disaster and we cannot risk spread of the novel coronavirus through other biometric attendance system like fingerprint or RFID attendance system.

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