Case Study : Contactless Attendance using Facial Recognition

Customer Profile : Our customers are Pre-schools serving 500+ students across branches in multiple cities.

Challenges :

  • Time lag in traditional attendance systems like Card / Fingerprint
  • Difficulty for Pre-schoolers in getting used to complex technology
  • Managing student rush along with compliance

Our Solution:

Fintalk Contactless Attendance is a Facial Recognition based solution. Our customer needed a simple to operate and use attendance solution. The system uses a camera to capture and identify faces from a live video recording (similar to a CCTV). Hence, whenever registered members are located in the video feed, the system identifies the members and marks their presence. The system uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technologies The system offers 100% guaranteed data security.

Fast & Smooth Access Control

Innovative & New Age Attendance System

  • 100% Data Security
  • Live Video Detection
  • Access Control
  • Reports

Product: Contactless Attendance using Facial Recognition